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Waiaro Sanctuary is the most highly valued privately owned ecological block on the Coromandel Peninsula.

It was founded for the definitive purpose of protecting our unique wildlife from introduced predators and is one of the only places on the Coromandel that hasn't been systematically poisoned with various toxins by the different agencies".

Waiaro Sanctuary aims to create a safe haven for our native and endangered animals by ridding our forests of the common pests that threaten to destroy this beautiful, unique way of life.  The Waiaro Sanctuary lies on the West Coast of the Coromandel Peninsula between Colville and Port Jackson.  The Waiaro Valley provides an unusual environment as it provides a long valley running deep into the peninsula.  The remote nature of the land means that it is relatively undisturbed by people.


Waiaro Sanctuary is uniting the community, and has commenced a buffer from West Coast to East Coast to help prevent reinfestation.  We would like to thank Waikato Regional Council for supporting us in this initiative and supplying us with traps.