About Us

Kelvin Mouritsen, who has recently been appointed to the Advisory Committee for the Regional Environment  (ACRE)  has lived at the Sanctuary on Waiaro for many years. He has continuously worked for conservation since he brought the property that has no landline or mains power running through it, but he still felt like more needed to be done to protect our wildlife species. It was then he formed the idea of Waiaro Sanctuary. With his extensive knowledge in conservation and deep compassion for wildlife he set forth his plan to begin Waiaro Sanctuary, turning an extensive portion of his estate into a safe environment for our native wildlife.  He consults with the natives on a regular basis, has his certificate and diploma in Iwi Environmental Management and Trusteeship and passionately promotes Holistic conservation the Kaitiakitanga way.

All proceeds made, go back into the upkeep of the Sanctuary. Currently funds are being raised thanks to the introduction of beehives,  which are being up kept by the Sanctuary.  The Waiaro Sanctuary was established in 1990. The objective was to create a sustainable pest-free area that would support large wildlife populations and help re-establish surrounding areas, with the strong belief it will be a useful area for release and reintroduction of native species to maintain Coromandel. 

The success of the Waiaro project supported by prominent sciencists and pioneer ecologists and delivered by Kelvin were published in a scienific paper and is available online as a PDF or can be purchased from Landcare Research Press.