Waiaro Sanctuary is the most highly valued privately owned ecological block on the Coromandel Peninsula. It was founded for the definitive purpose of protecting our unique wildlife from introduced predators and is one of the only places on the Coromandel that hasn't been systematically poisoned with various toxins by the different agencies".  Waiaro Sanctuary aims to create a safe haven for our native and endangered animals by ridding our forests of the common pests that threaten to destroy this beautiful, unique way of life.  The Waiaro Sanctuary lies on the West Coast of the Coromandel Peninsula between Colville and Port Jackson.  The Waiaro Valley provides an unusual environment as it provides a long valley running deep into the peninsula.  The remote nature of the land means that it is relatively undisturbed by people.



     Conservation - the Kaitiakitanga way.

  •      To Protect & Preserve Flora and Fauna endemic to the region.
  •      Restore natural processes/species
  •     To encourage Community involvement.



Kelvin Mouritsen has owned his property on Waiaro for many years but he had always known from the beginning that he wanted to do something big with it.   The objective was to create a sustainable pest-free area that would support large wildlife populations and help re-establish surrounding areas, with the strong belief it will be a useful area for release and reintroduction of native species to maintain Coromandel.   He has continuously worked for conservation since he brought the property but still felt like more needed to be done to protect our wildlife species, with his extensive knowledge in conservation and deep compassion for wildlife he set forth his plan to begin Waiaro Sanctuary, turning an extensive portion of his estate into a safe enviroment for our native wildlife.  The Waiaro Sanctuary was established in 1990 and comprises of 1 privately owned proterty totalling approximately 500 acres of native forest. 


Waiaro Sanctuary houses a brilliant array of indigenous creatures which include the  Abundant Kiwi, The Archies Frog, Forest Geckos, North Island Robin, and Glow worms. It is Home of the red eyed Kiwi. Constant effort is being made to stop Introduced species threatening the wildlife,  The base of the Sanctuary is where the largest opossum cull ever took place. The Counting 
stopped at 10,000.                                                                                                                                                                           

For more infomation you can email Kelvin at waiarosanctuary@colville.org.nz or visit our facebook click here

Waiaro Sanctuary uses Ka Mate traps with great success. more information here: http://www.kamatetraps.com/index.html